Friday 16 August 1985 (Day 1)

Friday 16 August 1985 (Day 1)

The wonderful vision and message at this grotto commenced on this Friday evening when some members of the ORourke family came to the Grotto to pray. Having recited the rosary the family started to leave, Ursula taking up the rear.
As she looked up at the statue
she noticed that our lady was moving. First she thought that it was her imagination, and she looked away several times before she finally realised that she was looking at the Blessed Virgin Mary.

A strange feeling came over me which is very hard to describe. Tears came to my eyes, and I pulled my hands up from my sides, joined them and then blessed myself. I said to the lady.You are the Queen of Heaven.She smiled. I kept exclaiming,why me? Why did you pick me, why? She smiled again, and then I said, Please bless all my family. She smiled even more. She did not speak to me during this vision.

The Lady described by Ursula stood there, her gown blowing as if in the wind. Her hands were joined in prayer and her head moved in a very slow reverent movement. North, South, East and West, the green shrubbery all around her spun. It formed a very dark green, which made Our Lady shine brightly.

Leaving the Grotto I walked, wishing to be respectful and keeping my eyes on Our Lady all the time. As I came out my sister, Mary was at the gate and I broke down and cried, crossing the road to the car. We all returned to the Grotto. Our Lady was still there but not as clear as the first time. I heard John say, Our Lady of Lourdes pray for us. I knew he could see. Mary was down at the rail shouting Look, Look!

Speaking later Ursula said that no words could describe how beautiful Our lady was.

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