Saturday 17 August 1985 (Day 2)

Saturday 17 August 1985 (Day 2)

During the afternoon a local woman Breda Coleman came to the Grotto to pray, with her daughters, Sandra (aged 13) and Carol (aged 6).

In Mrs. Colemans own words: The whole statue was glowing white and the blue sash disappeared, then the face changed to Our Lords face, bearded and dark hair to the shoulders, also glowing,

Sandra saw the same. They left somewhat confused.

All returned to the Grotto at about 5.00pm. Mrs. Coleman, who now had with her, her six children saw the statue glowing as before and the face changing to Our Lord periodically. Sandra saw several interesting visions-the background became dark and she saw St. Joan of Arc and other saints in full length appearing one after another. She then saw Our Lord, who floated upwards out of her vision as if towards heaven. Also she saw the vision which many people see Our Lords face then changing to that of Padre Pio.

Throughout the night, as word spread around, many locals called to the Grotto. Shortly after midnight there were about seven people praying. They had a torch on the statue. Among those present were Joseph O Rourke and his wife Marie. They noticed at about 12:30 am that the statue was moving from side to side. Then they noticed that the hands of the statue were no longer joined in prayer, but were down by the statues side, as on the Miraculous Medal. Then the apparition turned around. The vision faded and became the normal statue.

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