Sunday 18 August 1985 (Day 3)

Sunday 18 August 1985 (Day 3)

At about 1:30 pm a local farmer, Michael Cliffe, called into the grotto with his son Tom, aged 12 years.
Tom was astonished when he saw our Lords face on the statue. They left the Grotto. Many other people were privilege to receive visions during the course of this day. Mrs. Breda Lyons saw Our Lord dressed in a white robe with a black belt in the place of the statue, as did her daughter, also named Breda, who saw Our Lord with his white clock blowing in the wind, hands joining and lips moving. She also saw Our Blessed Lady, whom she described as being beautiful, aged between 20 & 30, pale complexion, dressed as on the statue. She moved gracefully, head turning towards the road and hands unclasping in slow graceful movements. She appeared to be sad. Our Lady took one step forward, much to Breda’s alarm as she though Our Blessed Lady would fall. The Lyons left for home. At around three in the afternoon Tom Cliffe and his mother visited the Grotto. Having said some prayers, Tom said he noticed the statue changing. First the statue began to move. Then the cloak blew in the wind. A silver crown with stones appeared on her head & she had golden hair flowing to her shoulders.

Then Tom says Our Blessed Lady spoke to him. He shouted to his mother: Mama, Mama, Our lady is speaking.

Our Blessed Lady said I want you, too or I want two. A woman standing next to Tom Exclaimed, The Blessed Virgin wants the child. Both Tom and his Mother were distressed and began to cry. Leaving the Grotto in a very upset state. Tom said, I am not going back there any more.

Later at about 4:30pm a local farmer, Jim McCarthy was praying in the Grotto when he noticed the statue changing, a mist or fog came over the statue, then Our Divine Lords face shone through & the mist cleared. Our Divine Lords face remained on the statue for a short time. Many people had visions during this evening.

That Sunday night at approximately 11:30pm Our Blessed Lady appeared to a local farmer, Michael ODonnell,
Suddenly the whole background at the statue changed with steps towards the front. Our Lady took the form of a real woman and began walking down the steps. She was clothed in a white robe and blue sash as on the statue. She wore a veil and her face was lightly tanned. As Our Lady walked down the steps I felt shattered and I swayed backwards in a trance. Two neighbours came to my aid. After a time I recovered but within a half hour I became shattered as Our Lady came forward and a second time down the steps, which had roses on each side, and said to me PRESERVE SUNDAY FOR PRAYER. Then a neighbour and my sister saw me transformed into a very old man, completely deformed and with a bald head. Both thought that I was about to die. However, I was brought back to normal after a short time.

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